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Recorded in April/May/June of 2011. Released June 10th 2011.


released June 10, 2011

Recorded at Echo Room studios in Uxbridge, MA.



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ANOMIA Massachusetts

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Track Name: Making Mountains
I am sorry for all the people out there, the ones who are soon to know
because there is a monster lying deep and it grows
one my body cannot hold, with pressure cracks from past attacks
as the overworked engine, glows
oh my dreams will never ever come true and if they do, well thats the end of you
i am so sorry that it had to come out
if my concience manifested inside me id scream out fucking run
because i have found something today far more worth than gold dont you know that monsters cant be bought or sold?
in the morning IT was just my secret but tonite the world will know
so i will indulge you with some information news thats cant be bought or sold because it is mine
i usually try to take ten deep breaths but for this particular occassion i just dont think it will contain
refrain from violence they all say im so sorry that, all of it had to come out on you
ive had so much built up i think i need to erupt
please understand this pressure couldve formed mountains in your head
theyre being made in my head, i should already be dead
i just need to erupt
Track Name: Lines
looking at all the paper distracted by the lines
its the only thing to do
when i want to feel alive
ive been inching, myself to an overdose i try so hard but i only come close
scribbling fake languages whatever makes sense to my brain
for the nights like these i wish i couldve trained
because now ive eaten the papers and i am fixed in these lines
man i think i am stuck in time
i think im gonna make it home
i hope that i will make it home
but god damn, what happens if i dont make it home this time?
this fog is too thick to be real
Oh no ive forgotten how to breathe, and what has happened to all the pain
man i hope i didnt end it all of in vain
or maybe its just the ketamine creeping through my veins
i cannot stop it from breaking through
i've made these decisions and now ive got to ride it out into the morning
god damn what happens if i dont make it home
god damn i wonder if ill find another home
Track Name: Attributes
Dont be the last man standing
just close your eyes we will take you down
these things will be so much better, better when your in the ground
but i dont want to die and i will do anything to survive,
but the people around me are falling and i dont think that i have much time
you need to realize that this time that you have been counting on has always been on your good side
and just like these moments theres no taking them back
but i feel like that im being ripped into every possible direction
i still havent left my feet
as the pain returns to my throat
the arenas been emptied
theres no one left to compete
Track Name: Passion Won
you wash your hands until they bleed and swell
asking for a bleach cleaned brain
soap never reacted so well with the dirt of a far from shallow grave
i have never felt so alive
lets pretend that its not a crime
i cant escape that sweet rotting deathly smell
everytime i turn around i get a glimpse of hell
lets seperate the ones who will die and with the ones who will die tonite
this is survival of the fittest just artificially inceminated
you play with your guns at night but in the morning the killings will be hand to hand x2
a mans got to do what a man has got to do x3
18 years built up but spent out in one night words cant describe these feelings inside and to choose one i'd have no rite
so look in my eyes and out goes the light
as the switch turns from panic to fear
killing bliss like ecstacy your pulse is increasing x2
oh you know the outcome
i want you, i need you
on the mother fucking floor
i dont want to see any movement but twitches
Track Name: Unstoppable
Our days are few but even time coudnt stop us now
ive made it here all by myself, but with you we can set this world on fire
just let them try to stop us now that we've convinced ourselves that we're unstopable
i cud be the one to change a phrase because when they come they will see but we'll conquer them alllllll
dont be scared, you say, we're still so far away from the ending
i will try to believe you but my mind changes with the seasons just please stay with me so i can live with a reason
we must stand tall this world is constantly growing but our breaking foundations are showing
and you say my mind has been changing, and i cant go anymore
i will never fucking give up on you so, dont give up on me
i will carry you and this world on my back and walk as far as i can see
i will never stop and nothing cud make me
i will walk as far as i can see
please dont give up on me i will never give up on you, you dont want to see me split into two

we can rebuild start with the foundations, tomorow can be our new beginning